About Us

Omniscient offers a distillation of award-winning knowledge, expertise, and experience on the subject of “Export-Import Business”. We are in the export-import business since 2010 and having practical experience of Export-Import. We are exporting Plastic Packaging Materials. And therefore we decided to offer an E-book to Indians on “How to start your own Export-Import Business”. We are providing Dummy Filled and real scan copy of our own original document exported by our self for practical understanding and many more.
You can see the “content of our E-book” in content tab.

We help you to become an Exporter.We Mean it. Whoever you are, we do not mean. Whether you are Student, Businessman, Businesswomen, Housewife or a Small entrepreneur.

You can start your import/export business at home with a telephone. You'll need a file system, business cards, and a machine to answer the phone calls. Once you get going, you'll want a web site address or a fax number.

The biggest advantage is the money you'll make. Once you get the business underway, the commission for setting up sales is very profitable. And after you establish and maintain a number of exclusive accounts, you'll find the time you spend is highly rewarded with money.

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